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Tikka n’ Go تصميم مطعم

Tacoville تصميم مطعم

Tacoville تصميم مطعم

  • 100 m2
  • 12 people
  • Traditional
STEAK IT تصميم مطعم

STEAK IT تصميم مطعم

  • 100 m2
  • 25 people
  • Modern
Ocean تصميم مطعم

Ocean تصميم مطعم

  • 250 m2
  • 30 people
  • Modern
Namat تصميم مطعم

Namat تصميم مطعم

  • 50 m2
  • 8 people
  • Modern Contemporary
Italian Garden تصميم مطعم

Italian Garden تصميم مطعم

  • 400 m2
  • 60 people
  • Art Deco Contemporary

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Restaurant Interior Design تصميم مطعم

Restaurant Interior Design تصميم مطعم

We are distinguished in the design and implementation of restaurant decorations, a specialized service, and the importance of design is due to the shape of the design and the details of the interior decoration of the restaurant is the first thing customers see when entering any new place, and the main impression of the restaurant is considered the first point that attracts customers and arouses their interest, and the new or distinctive decoration form is one of The most important reasons that encourage people to try the new restaurant, and of course when customers feel comfortable and familiar with the place, they will repeat the visit and invite their friends and acquaintances to visit the restaurant, which leads to an increase in the number of customers and the popularity and success of the place.

Terms and specifications for designing restaurant decorations:
Before starting to design a restaurant, it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge of the conditions and specifications of designing specific restaurants in your area.

Designing and implementing restaurants with the expertise of international chains.

Here is how we work in designing modern restaurant decorations:
Stages of restaurant decoration design:
1 – We study with you the idea of the project and its details, in addition to the budget specified for the project.
2 – The preliminary design stage for restaurant decoration design. Any new project is usually divided into parts, and the work is distributed to the team according to specialization (decoration design engineer – electromechanical design engineer – operation consultant).
3 – The initial project of 3D panels is presented and discussed with the client and any required modifications are made, then the design form is approved.
4 – No design is limited to what you see directly from the form of decoration or the general atmosphere of the place only, and no design is complete and feasible without designing the plans for kitchens, service bar and basic services, with the participation of the person in charge of management and operation with the electromechanical engineer in determining the internal planning for auxiliary services according to the needs Operation and defining the specifications of the equipment and its operational capacity, in addition to the electrical works, air conditioning and ventilation works, and the supply networks for the utilities, all of which are necessary for the successful operation of the project without obstacles.
5 – Communication and coordination between the team members continues at the stage of designing the restaurant decor until the design is completed, reviewed and approved.
6 – Executive boards are made for all design details, whether for decoration, lighting, finishing works or electromechanical works.
7 – The restaurant design course goes through different stages of modifications and revisions to reach the final design, and remember that the interior design and decoration will last with you for many years, so we take care of all its details so as not to waste time and money to repair or modify wrong designs.
8 – After the completion of the restaurant decoration design, we implement the project or supervise the implementation until the project is completed and delivered in full.
9 – One year business guarantee for all projects that we implement.

Restaurant decoration design and branding design:
In order for the general design of the new brand to be complete, the shape of the trademark must be designed, which is what is called the visual identity of the brand, which must be consistent with the general design and include the following elements:

1 – The shape of the logo for the brand (logo)
2 – Designing the menu or flyers.
3 – Packaging materials (cans – takeaway bags)
4 – With a uniform design.
5 – Also, cards and office publications

What is interior design?

Interior design is a creative practice that focuses on enhancing the aesthetic and functional qualities of an interior space. It involves choosing the right materials, furnishings, fixtures, and decorations to create a desirable atmosphere and enhance the overall look and feel of a space. Interior designers use their knowledge of interior architecture, color theory, ergonomics, and other elements to create living environments that are inviting, comfortable, and functional.

Is the interior design is the decoration?

No, interior design is more than just decoration. Interior design involves creating a functional and aesthetic environment for people to live and work in. Interior design often uses elements of architecture, engineering, and other technical aspects to create a space that meets the needs of the occupants. Decoration is part of the process, but it’s only one component.

When do I need luxurious interiors for my project?

LUXURIOUS Interior Design Consultancy is flexible to engage in your project at any stage and provide you with the solutions to your problems. But it’s always better to be involved from the stage of space planning in order to get the best ideas/solutions and save your time. It’s OUR job to guarantee you the satisfactory results for your project.

Is the first consultation free of charge?

Yes, the first consultation is free of charge. The designers at LUXURIOUS will understand the client’s demands and requirements and discuss the project that will help both the parties know what is needed to be done in a perfect way.

What is the importance of interior design? Is it possible to implement interior finishes without design?

It is possible to implement the finishes directly without making an interior design, but it will cost the customer additional costs that are indispensable, and at the same time it may not reach the required level of implementation. Therefore, the interior design presents a three-dimensional visualization that is completely identical to each space to be implemented. Therefore, making changes in the interior design is easier and less expensive than implementation, and providing detailed executive plans that specify the type of all raw materials and materials used and the method of implementation. The plans are used to provide an accurate calculation and inventory of quantities later, which means that the customer will reduce the cost of implementation so that he does not buy from materials and raw materials. Only what is needed beforehand.

What are your implementation prices, are they evaluated in square meters? Why is execution pricing not offered directly with interior design pricing?

We at “LUXURIOUS” understand customers’ keenness to know the price of implementation, but it is not possible to provide a fixed price for implementation, due to the diversity of designs and the different opinions and tastes of customers, as well as the different materials, types and source, and the existence of alternatives to them at a cheaper price and give the same final result, for example For example, marble can be replaced by porcelain, and the price of marble or porcelain also varies according to the source and the factory, and this is measured in all materials and raw materials in the design, so the difference in the price of materials and raw materials is reflected in the difference in the implementation price later. However, it is possible to give an average price for implementation based on the prices of previous implemented projects, which is an estimated value only to bring points of view closer and is not binding on us later.

I did not like the design or I have comments on the design. Do I have options for modification?

Yes, you are entitled to modifications according to the contract, modification 3 times on the 3D designs and one modification on the executive plans, as well as there are unlimited modifications available on the colors of materials, furniture and lighting.

What is luxurious designs pricing policy?

Prices are based on different factors such as:

— The size of the project

— Required services

— Timeframe

It is always better to book a free consultation in the beginning to discuss all the detailed requirements precisely.

What type of interior styles luxurious provides?

The designers at LUXURIOUS are enthusiastic and highly experienced to understand each client’s requirements. We believe that each client has his own ideas and requirements and hence the designing should be done according to a client’s taste.

We are experts in Modern, Classic, Italian, and Islamic Interior Design. Each of our design is created according to the client’s demand.

We also provide landscaping, interior designing, exterior designing, decorating commercial and residential units, Majlis designs and others. Check our services area for further information.

Do I need to to ask luxurious for the space planning?

LUXURIOUS Interior Design believes that the Architects and Interior designers should work together from the initial stage in order to maintain the clients’ needs efficiently. We avoid delays and work with extreme motivation from the beginning and hence are present from the stage of space planning to the end.

What is contemporary style in interior design?

Contemporary style is a style that refers to designs that are popular at the moment. The contemporary decor style is defined by simplicity, subtle sophistication, deliberate use of texture and clean lines.

What is the difference between modern and contemporary style?

Modern style tends to highly functional elements, warm and natural colors, while contemporary style is suitable for those who find form and decoration more important than function.

Are there special offers for commercial projects?

Because of our focus on building partnerships with corporate owners and entrepreneurs, we always offer special packages for projects (restaurants – coffee shops – malls – hotels – salons – malls) that include designing a visual identity package for free and also designing a promotional video for the project to be used on social media before opening The project