The Best Lake House | Trendbook Edition

The Best Lake House | Trendbook Edition

The Best Lake House | Trendbook Edition

The life at a Lake House is everything that we can dream about, the big porch, the lake view, the long walks lake side or through the woods. In a few words the perfect vacation plan for any family in any time of the year.

But how it looks the perfect lake house? Is it tradicional? Is it modern? Who ever you choose this are our choices, a mix of style that combine perfectly into what we think to be the perfect place by the lake to enjoy quality time with the ones we love, or alone.


The perfect Porch

The porch is without douts one of the most caracteristic architecture features. We prefer it in the lake side, normally in the back of the house, with a confy seat area to enjoy a glass of wine by the the sunset.




Large Windows

Whats the point of having a house by the lake if you dont have nice large windowns to apprciate it?

Wood Interiors

There is no lake house without a rusty touch interior design. Wood is the main choice for comun spaces. The theme macth perfectly with the vibe.



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Coziness is the shot-term for a fireplace side reunion. Taking a break from the rebellion of the days and enjoying a bit of silence, with a nice fire burning and setting the calm mood.

Relax in the Harbor

Is the perfect place to jump in the water, catch a tan, gather with friends, and just enjoy.

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