3D Architectural Animation Service Saudi Arabia

Much like a real movie, architectural animation tells the story of your design from a realistic point of view. SPECIALISTS prides itself on creating a 3D architectural animation platform that produces jaw-dropping 3D models, virtual tours, and photorealistic environments in which your clients can immerse themselves.


Bringing Architecture to Life

What better way to articulate the intricacies of your design than by taking your audience on an interactive virtual tour? Our artists use a combination of sophisticated tools, plus cinematic and visual techniques, to produce precise and lifelike representations of your design.

Our animations are spotless: perfectly-mapped textures, lifelike objects, realistic but functional imagery, all held up in light, shadow, and memory to bring your client on an immersive journey into your design.

A Luxury French Restaurant

Jessica Spa Lounge

Architectural animation is a high-impact design and marketing strategy for any project, be it a small renovation or major city planning endeavor, a highly-detailed interior walkthrough or a conceptual tour of a large-scale development masterplan. A virtual tour leaves next to nothing to the imagination. Every detail of the design is communicated in a highly realistic way, giving you and your clients a deep insight into the finished project.


Art Of Living Mall Dubai

We produce 3D fly-bys and walkthroughs that show your design in the context of its location, as well as real-time, close-up views of every nook and cranny articulated in the 3D model. Basically, you won’t have to do a lot of talking to persuade your audience – the architectural animation will do that for you.


After we create a 3D model of your design or masterplan, our artists will create still renderings and detailed architectural drawings as you’ve envisioned for your project. Then, our virtual camera will hover through the 3D model, much like a drone, from multiple angles and perspectives that show the full potential of your design.

Classic Villa Exterior - Turkey

With these, our animators will then combine interior walkthroughs and exterior and areal fly-bys in a way that tells an engaging story. Much like creating a film, we use color, light, shadow, and composition to convey the mood or atmosphere you’ve envisioned. Simply put, we will turn your reverie into reality in a way that impresses your audiences and makes a sale.

Greek Resort within nature 3d animation

Architectural visualization is no longer just an artist’s interpretation of the architect’s ambition; it is a glimpse of the future. Be the advocate of your design by investing in high-impact architectural animation.

Visualization and storytelling are the keys to designing great things and winning more business. Contact SPACIALISTS today and learn more about 3D architectural animation services.

Khobar Beach Walk - New Project At Khobar