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I’ve always been unsure of which style fit my preferences, so I loved how accurate the results of this interior design style quiz were. The best part was my online interior designer used these ideas as inspiration to design my dream home!

Sarah Al Jaber

Doctor, Aramco

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تصميم داخلي نيو كلاسيك – 6 عناصر أساسية لتطبيقه تصميم داخلي نيو كلاسيك – 6 عناصر أساسية لتطبيقه تمتاز الطرازات النيو كلاسيكية بأناقتها الخالدة وتفاصيلها
American style in interior design American style in interior design usually implies such features like a large open kitchen-dining-living space, the imitation of high-end furniture
Arabic Interior Design and Architecture Key Features: Scripting Arabic Interiors and Architecture 1. Islamic Patterns and Calligraphy Arabic interiors showcase an array of intricate patterns
Andalusian style in interior design The Andalusian style in interior design has spread its affiliation to Andalusia, which is one of the most famous Islamic
NEOCLASSIC INTERIOR DESIGN NEOCLASSIC INTERIOR DESIGN Celebrating timeless elegance via symmetry, order and a subtle sense of grandeur, neoclassical design has a wide-ranging appeal. But
Classic Interior Design Classic style is catching the attention from interior design professionals all around the world. Thanks to its strong influences by classicism, from the seventeenth
Contemporary Interior Design: 4 Contemporary Style Elements As contemporary interior design refers to the style of the moment, which means it is constantly evolving with
What is modern interior design style? What is modern interior design style? The terms modern and contemporary are often used interchangeably. And although they share several similarities, they’re
الطراز الفيكتوري معقد ومزدحم وغريب الأطوار الطراز الفيكتوري لا تشير العمارة الفيكتورية إلى أسلوب تصميم بعينه، بقدر ما تنسب إلى “العصر” أو الحقبة التي حكمت