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Luxurious Interior Design is one of the world leading luxury interior design companies

We Are Leading Interior Design Consultancy  With Total Turnkey Solutions in Saudi Arabia. We are a full service firm

specialized in residential and commercial projects, catering to all volume of Projects from an individual Villa,

Palace, Hotels of all Ranks, Commercial, Economic, to the very VVIP, managing from the tender process all

the way to execution of projects on behalf of clients working alongside landlords, contractors and relevant


Why Us ?

* We offer latest technologies, new age material and the best consultants.

* We have a huge collection of latest themes and ideas you can choose from

* Interior designing is an art and our in house team of creative and experienced

Architects, Professional Designers, Skilled Workers, Technicians, have the knowledge

and flair to put together original designs and concepts for one to one customized


Frequently Asked Questions


LUXURIOUS Interior Design Consultancy is flexible to engage in your project at any stage and provide you with the solutions to your problems. But it’s always better to be involved from the stage of space planning in order to get the best ideas/solutions and save your time. It’s OUR job to guarantee you the satisfactory results for your project.


Yes, the first consultation is free of charge. The designers at LUXURIOUS will understand the client’s demands and requirements and discuss the project that will help both the parties know what is needed to be done in a perfect way.


Prices are based on different factors such as:

— The size of the project

— Required services

— Timeframe

It is always better to book a free consultation in the beginning to discuss all the detailed requirements precisely.


The designers at LUXURIOUS are enthusiastic and highly experienced to understand each client’s requirements. We believe that each client has his own ideas and requirements and hence the designing should be done according to a client’s taste.

We are experts in Modern, Classic, Italian, and Islamic Interior Design. Each of our design is created according to the client’s demand.

We also provide landscaping, interior designing, exterior designing, decorating commercial and residential units, Majlis designs and others. Check our services area for further information.


LUXURIOUS Interior Design believes that the Architects and Interior designers should work together from the initial stage in order to maintain the clients’ needs efficiently. We avoid delays and work with extreme motivation from the beginning and hence are present from the stage of space planning to the end.


Villas Interior Design

One of the leading interior design companies in KSA, WE provides great project planning and specialized villa interior design services.


Villas Exterior Design

Choose from our wide array of exterior designs that suit you the best such as Islamic Architecture, Mediterranean or Fusion.


Landscape Design

We believe that exterior home design such as Landscape design is as important as the interior because it is the first impression your visitors get when they enter your home.


Cafe Interior Design 

CAFE interior design in LUXURIOUS has attracted many people. As Cafe design sets the stage for customers having coffee and drinks experience, you want customers to feel comfortable and enjoy their meals.

Luxurious Interior Design

SPA Interior Design

We offer high-quality interior designs for spas, luxury salon and beauty centers. Our team of expertise has the edge in design and space planning.

Offices Interior Design

Offices Interior Design

Create an impact with the interior of your office through the help of Algedra Interiors, your partner towards a better business.

Spa Interior Design

Hotel Interior Design

OUR Interior Design provides great hotel interior and exterior designs to make your project look elegant and welcoming.

Restaurant Interior Design

Restaurant Interior Design

Attract more customers for your restaurant with unique design concepts. We are the top interior design company in Saudi Arabia


Decor Company in SAUDI

We are interior decoration Company, based in SAUDI, specializing in luxury residential projects, decor and interior design.


Bedroom Interior Design

Bedroom Interior Design
WE provide full services of villa Bedroom designs, along with luxury bedroom interior, bedroom furniture design and much more

Luxurious Interior Design

Kitchen Design

A house is not complete without a stunning and sleek kitchen.We offer creative kitchen layout with cabinets & lighting designs.


Majlis Interior Design

Villa design is not complete without a Majlis – a place where people gather and chat. We specialized in luxury & classic Majlis Designs




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Some words

from customers

Sarah Al Dosary
Saleh Al Qahtani
Saleh Al Qahtani
Sarah Al Dosary
Saleh Al Qahtani
I’m Glad to take Luxurious Interior team on board for my new home as it is one of the best companies in the market. Great experience with the company.



I’m really happy to deal with Luxurious Interior design. This company has superb designs and the team is always efficient to respond and go above your expectations in order to provide the best ideas with great results.I strongly recommend Luxurious Interior design and wish them all the best and growth.



It was a great pleasure for me to deal with Luxurious Interior Design because of its distinguished credibility in delivering designs and work on the right time. In addition to taste and accuracy in clients’ needs, their ideas and thoughts are marvelous. Also, they perfectly deal with everyone. I wish them all the best for their future.

Johny Walker

CEO Evanto - Themeforest

I am extremely proud of Luxurious Interior; I choose Luxurious, as my interior designers.  They have done marvelous job everything was on spot from the furniture to 3d Design. I love to propose them my ideas, they taking this into consideration and giving 200% efforts on what they are committed to me everything was on time.

Sarah Al Dosary

Business Owner

I loved Luxurious Interiors since I saw it on the Internet and I truly loved the way that Luxurious Pursued starting from the first meeting till the final stage of the project, They handled everything in a very professional way and I'm satisfied about the results, wishing to Luxurious Interiors all the success.

Saleh Al Qahtani

Web Developer


LUXURIOUS group of companies has been established to guarantee our clients satisfaction in the region
Our group is specialized in providing Design projects solutions
LUXURIOUS group today operates in the SAUDI and the international market, the highly qualified experienced and multi-national team is expected to grow in line with planned expansion
The group had an extensive track record in the successful delivery small, medium and large scale projects across the region

Luxurious Interior Design
Luxurious Interior Design
Luxurious Interior Design
Luxurious Interior Design